Fans react to retirement of Saints QB Drew Brees

Fans react as record-setting Saints Quarterback Drew Brees announces retirement at 42. (March 15)

Video Transcript

KENNETH HALL: I'm a Saints fan until I die. And I'm just-- I just love the game, and I just love the way he play the game. Everything come to an end at one point. So you have to look at the fact that he may want to sit down and enjoy the rest of his life. The game is good, but everything has to come to an end.

- You're a Saints fan, so what did you make of the news of Drew Brees retiring?

NATHAN HURLEY: Obviously it was pretty sad. I grew up watching him from being a little kid. It was always really exciting to see him playing on Sundays. He-- he started fundraisers. He's always been really close to the people. He's just such a genuinely nice guy. I think he made the right choice, just to move on, and hopefully he stays with the organization. It's the start of a new journey for him.

- And what would you like to see?

NATHAN HURLEY: I would like to see him coach, personally. I think he would be a great quarterback coach or maybe an assistant coach. But, yeah, he's very close to Sean Payton and I'm hoping they can work something out.