Fans To Return To Globe Life Field For Rangers Exhibition Game Tonight

Jason Allen has a preview.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: Couldn't be a more beautiful day for Globe Life Field to be opening again for baseball. And they will do that this evening. And this time, as we know, Rangers fans will actually get to see their team play. It's really odd saying that, isn't it? Jason Allen live inside the ballpark. Gates, I understand, opened just a few moments ago, Jason.

JASON ALLEN: Just about 15 minutes ago, Doug. And so the first fans are trickling in. And for the very first time here in this billion-dollar park, as you look down to the field, fans are actually seeing the Rangers here on their home field. This is a debut that has been delayed by more than a year.

But people, obviously, looking forward to this day when they can actually see the Rangers on the field in their home ballpark. Of course, if you remember, kind of as you alluded to, going back to last fall, there were fans that did get to see baseball here last year, in fact, one of the only places fans got to see baseball. Fans were allowed in here to the park for the National League Championship Series, also for the World Series. However, nobody actually got to see the Rangers play.

At that point in time, the numbers of fans were minimized pretty significantly. Less than 30% of the seats were allowed to be full. And so there was about 11,000 people or so for those games. Tonight, and much has been made of this, it is allowed to be 100% capacity. That is for tonight's exhibition game against the Brewers as well as tomorrow night's game, as well as opening day next week. However, they're not expecting to see this place full.

There weren't any lines outside as the gates were getting ready to open. Nobody is allowed to tailgate for a couple of months. They're doing that to continue to keep people separated and minimized because of COVID. And we were just looking here in the last little bit. There's plenty of tickets available, in fact, plenty under $30, under $20, even a few tickets under $10. So it probably will not be a capacity crowd for these first couple of exhibition games, and maybe not even for opening day next week. We'll wait and see.

But fans obviously, Doug, excited to get in here, see the Rangers in their own home ballpark. It sure is good to have baseball back.

DOUG DUNBAR: Amen, amen, amen. Jason, thank you so much.