Fans Return To Nassau Coliseum For First Time In Over 1 Year

It's been 369 days since fans last entered Nassau Coliseum. That changes tonight when the Islanders welcome frontline health care workers to catch the action. CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.

Video Transcript

- Something when you put it this way, it's been 369 days since fans last entered Nassau Coliseum

- But tonight all that changes as the Islanders welcome front line health care workers to catch all of the action in person. CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports now from Uniondale.

- I'm excited for the hockey game.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Excited for the hockey game, the Hernandez brothers, Andrew and Brian, will be attending their very first New York Islanders game in person when 1,000 Northwell front line workers are thanked. Among them their mom Alejandra.

- Proud of her for being able to raise me and my brother and still balance out all this work on top of it.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Alejandra, a community outreach health worker, just lost two uncles and a best friend to COVID.

ALEJANDRA: Passing away alone, and you don't have that opportunity to say your goodbyes.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: His front line worker spirit of continuing on despite personal struggles that's being acknowledged by the New York Islanders.

- But this is a war, and they've been the warriors. And so thank you to them.

ALEJANDRA: I feel honored to be able to go to the game next to so many health care workers. And the boys, they'll remember this for forever.

- This is the first in-person game since the pandemic started. This is a really big step.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Attendance limited to 10% capacity, safety protocols followed. Season ticket holders are next after the game honoring our health care workers.

- Being a health care provider has been-- it's been gruesome. It's been grueling.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Laura's Ilenkadu friend just lost her husband Bob to COVID-19, despite valiant efforts to save him.

- I know my dad is looking down on us right now.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Megan and brother Tyler say their dad was overwhelmed with pride for their mom's crucial hospital work, and also for his New York sports teams.

- We were really a real underdog family. We always rooted for, you know, the Islanders. We love watching hockey together as a family.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Through their immediate family is smaller, the Dufrane's health care family is growing with love, support, and gratitude from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Jennifer McLogan, CBS2 News.

- And the health care workers will be honored during an intermission between two periods tonight.

- Well Deserved.

- Enjoy it.