Fans Return To Target Field For Twins' Home Opener

You could sense the excitement as fans entered Target Field for the 3 o'clock game, Marielle Mohs reports (2:36). WCCO 4 News At 6 - April 8, 2021

Video Transcript

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: Well, you could sense the excitement as fans entered Target Field for the 3:00 game today. Fans, as Chris said, came in wearing masks as rain fell on the seats that are spaced out for pods of two and four. And this home opener looked very different than any other. Marielle Mohs is at Target Field, and she joins us now. Hi there, Elle.

MARIELLE MOHS: Hey, Amelia. It was amazing being part of live baseball again. The energy still just as contagious even though the stands weren't at max capacity. But in order to bring those fans back safely here today, the staff for the Twins had to make a lot of changes for the ballpark.

- Have fun.

- We're in, we're in!

MARIELLE MOHS: Dan and Roxanne Bungert were the first in line when gates opened at Target Field an hour and a half before the first pitch. They're the die-hard kind of Twins fans.

- I was sitting in Florida at spring training at 10:00 AM waiting to get tickets.

MARIELLE MOHS: This was the first time in 18 months people have been back in the stands for a Twins game. But it was the first Twins game and first birthday of little Luke, adding a member to a long-standing family tradition.

- We've been doing it for, oh, gosh, 18 years. So to bring our little one with us is pretty great.

MARIELLE MOHS: In order to bring people back to the ballpark changes needed to be made. Masks in the ballpark are mandatory unless you're eating or drinking. Also, your phone is your best friend. You'll use it for contactless entry.

- Great.

- Perfect, thank you.

- Enjoy the game.

MARIELLE MOHS: And you'll use the MLB app to order food and drinks at the concession stands and stadium restaurants.

- I'm headed for the Cupid stand.

MARIELLE MOHS: First day of the changes seemed to be pretty slick.

ALEX MAJKRZAK: It's very easy. We downloaded the app before entering the game, sat down with a son. He decided he wanted some snacks. And it was very fluid, actually. The ordering process, and the line here is really efficient as well, too. So--

HECTOR HOLGUIN: Opener always has to have the shaved-in TCs.

MARIELLE MOHS: Hector Holguin couldn't be missed in the crowd of 10,000. This was the 12th home opener for him and his daughter.

HECTOR HOLGUIN: We were so excited when they said that we can come back in. I mean, granted, it's only 10,000 fans, but better than nothing.

MARIELLE MOHS: Like every new season brings new young fans.

- Go Twins!

MARIELLE MOHS: Stella and her mom started a new tradition today.

- Baseball's a sentimental thing for me. Grew up with it, helped my dad coach Little League with my brother and sister. So trying to have kind of like the same experience with my daughter.

MARIELLE MOHS: And you can probably see behind me, the fans in the stands are clumped together in little groups. They're separated in groups of two and four. Thousands of seats are zip-tied closed. That's to keep people safely distanced while they're watching baseball. Guys, back to you.

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: Certainly an exciting day, Elle. All right, thank you.