Fans Return To Yankee Stadium For Opening Day

It's Opening Day at Yankee Stadium and fans will be in the stands for the first time since 2019. CBS2's Steve Overmyer reports.

Video Transcript

- Opening day at Yankee Stadium today, and fans will be in the stands there under new guidelines. CBS 2's Steve Overmyer, live at Yankee Stadium with more for us live this noon. Steve, tough news for the Mets, but the Yankees are playing for now.


STEVE OVERMYER: Yeah, Chris, got a little exciting here, the police rolling by right now. But it is opening day in baseball. It's the day that fans have been waiting for as all Major League teams, all 30 Major League teams, were at least scheduled to play today. But it begins here at Yankee Stadium, where the Yankees are hosting the Toronto Blue Jays. And there will be crowds. The fans are expected to come into the stadium today, as a matter of fact. For the first time since 2019, fans will be allowed in the stadium. More than 10,000 fans are expected to be at Yankee Stadium today, which is 20% capacity allowed by the Department of Health. Fans will go through a COVID screening test, though the Yankees won't allow us to show video of that process. Fans must show negative COVID tests and a vaccination card to enter. They must all pass temperature checks and wear a mask when not eating. Even with the restrictions, they were excited that opening day is the first step on a return to normalcy.

- It's been since, what, October of '19 that I haven't been here. I mean, walking off the train today and just looking up and seeing this. I mean, you know, you could cry.

AARON BOONE: To have 10,000 people here, like, I wonder what it's going to feel like and sound like, and I can't wait for that part of the game to be back with us, and I know our players are very much looking forward to that.

STEVE OVERMYER: Do you guys feel more responsibility to be louder because there's only going to be 20% capacity?

- I don't know if I could be any louder.


I'm loud to begin with.


But absolutely, you'll hear me. Oh, absolutely, you'll be hearing me. I'm gonna leave with a sore throat, I'm gonna be screaming so loud.

STEVE OVERMYER: And by the way, the Yankees earlier shared this tweet, a video, of players arriving at the stadium this morning, eager to start a season in a quest of their first championship in 12 years. And Chris, according to Vegas odds, the Yankees are the favorite to win the AL pennant this year. We'll see if they can get there once again. Well, we're going to be coming here from Yankee Stadium where the weather might not be perfect, but any day at the ballpark is a great day. From Yankee Stadium, Steve Overmyer, CBS 2 News

- Steve, I couldn't agree more. OK, have a good time out there.