Fans shower soccer legend Pele with well wishes

STORY: Towers outside the Khalifa International Stadium at the World Cup in Doha lit up on Saturday (December 3) with get well messages for Brazilian soccer legend Pele.

The soccer star is receiving palliative care after chemotherapy stopped having the expected effects as he battles colon cancer, according to a local Brazilian newspaper. ESPN Brasil said he also had a general swelling and cardiac issues when admitted to the hospital earlier this week.

Pele said through his Instagram on Thursday that he was at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo for a "monthly visit" and thanked his fans for the abundant well wishes.

“Pele, we are together, you are ours, all the best there, good recovery, we are always together.”

"We are all very sad about what is going on right now, and we hope that it turns out he comes back, but unfortunately, we don’t know.”

“Pele, we are with you, Brazil is together, stay strong.”

Brazilian fans displayed the same message at the Lusail Stadium on Friday ahead of the national team's defeat against Cameroon. Pele - a former Brazil, Santos and New York Cosmos striker - is widely considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time.