Fans think Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been re-creating scenes from ‘Jenny From the Block’ video

Fans think Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been re-creating scenes from ‘Jenny From the Block’ video
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Bennifer fans are convinced that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been recreating scenes from the “Jenny From the Block” music video.

This theory comes after Lopez shared a photo of the pair kissing on Instagram on Sunday (25 July).

The pair were seen celebrating Lopez’s 52nd birthday on a yacht in St Tropez, following rumours that the famed 2000s Hollywood power couple had romantically reconciled.

“Jenny From the Block” was released by Lopez in 2002 with a music video that featured her partner Affleck. The couple were engaged until 2004 before breaking up and going separate ways.

The new theory was birthed when a fan pointed out that Lopez had bought Affleck the same watch from the original video. This was followed by paparazzi pictures taken of the couple sharing a kiss, which fans claimed shared a similarity to a kissing scene depicted in the video.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Making out on yachts and at fancy restaurants publicly for everyone to see. Like they have to be punking us, right? The scenes are completely ripped from her ‘Jenny from the Block’ (2002) video, like they have to be in on the joke, right?”

The theory was given further credence on Sunday (25 July), when the pair were photographed sunbathing on the deck of their yacht. Affleck was seen placing his hand on Lopez’s hip, in a shot also resembling a scene from the video.

“Are we getting a Jenny from the Block remake? We must be,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

This isn’t the only theory fans have come up with ever since the duo’s reconciliation.

According to posts on Twitter, the photo uploaded by Lopez over the weekend appears to show a sliver of a framed portrait of the couple, which was first published in March 2003’s issue of Vanity Fair.

In the black-and-white photo, which appears identical to the portrait captured in the latest Instagram post, Affleck can be seen riding a motorcycle while Lopez, dressed in jeans and a sweater, holds on to the actor as she sits behind him on the bike.

#HappyBirthdayJlo #Bennifer I don’t own these photos. But look what Easter egg I spotted. JENNIFER LOPEZ BEN AFFLECK,” one person tweeted.

The portrait, taken by late photographer Herb Ritts, is also a throwback to the pair’s engagement, as Affleck was featured as Vanity Fair’s cover star shortly after he and Lopez announced their engagement in November 2002.

The magazine previously shared the photo on its own Instagram in June, with the outlet captioning the black-and-white image with a quote from Affleck, who had said about his then-fiancée at the time: “Jennifer is a really wonderful, fabulous woman, smart and interesting.

“Spending time with her makes me a better person and a happier person. She impresses me every day. It feels better to me to be with her than without her.”

As for why the pair happened to have a framed version of the photo aboard the yacht, some fans speculated that Affleck may have given the picture as a birthday gift.

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