Fans Think Melisandre Has Already Returned to 'GoT' & the Evidence Is Convincing

Allie Gemmill
Fans Think Melisandre Has Already Returned to 'GoT' & the Evidence Is Convincing

Has the Red Woman already returned to Westeros and we somehow missed it? Melisandre’s return on Game of Thrones has been eagerly awaited by fans ever since it was teased during that ominous conversation between herself and Varys at Dragonstone season seven, wherein she revealed she was fated to return to Westeros after spending time in Volantis because she had to die there. But what if she’s already back and we’ve already gotten our first glimpse of her in episode two, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”?

Fans are theorizing Melisandre is already back in Westeros and we may not have fully realized it when we hunkered down on Sunday to watch the latest episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.” During one scene, Davos is showing handing out food to the residents of Winterfell. One girl, who can’t be older than 10, approaches him to get soup and tells him she wants to fight the White Walkers alongside the adults. Davos looks up from ladling soup into her bowl and sees that she has what looks like a burn. Although it’s not said aloud, fans know that this young girl is already going to tug as Davos’ heartstrings because the burn mark reminds him of Shireen Baratheon, who he cared for like a daughter when he served Stannis Baratheon and whose face was marked with greyscale. Gilly later joins the conversation and suggests the young girl goes into the Winterfell crypts with her, her son, Sam, and other Winterfell residents who are too old or unable to fight so they can be protected too.

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It’s certainly touching that a young girl who reminds Davos of a young girl he once cared for is appearing during the final hours before a life-altering battle, but fans are theorizing this is Melisandre appearing to Davos under the transformative powers of one of her spells. As Twitter user @RdotAye points out, “Just read a theory that the little girl with the scars that goes up to Ser Davos is Melisandre in a new glamour because the only way they would allow her back in Winterfell for the fight would be to come back looking like a different person.”


We already know that Melisandre has the power to dramatically alter her appearance. In the season six premiere, it was revealed that Melisandre was actually a very old woman and she was able to look so young thanks to the necklace she is always seen wearing out in public. When combined with the fact that Melisandre’s magical abilities are well-known and she is likely focused on atoning for causing Shireen’s death — which Davos found out about in season seven and as a result, urged Jon Snow to expel her from the North — as well as getting a feel for where she could be needed most in the Battle at Winterfell.

One last thing: it’s worth noting that if Melisandre is actually back, then she would be the most effective by going down into the crypts to protect every Winterfell resident. Not only would it achieve her desire to atone for Shireen, but it would let her continue to serve Jon Snow by defending the people he has sworn to protect.

But who knows? Maybe that girl is really just a girl and we’re all searching for a deeper meaning. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when Game of Thrones returns on Sunday.

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