Netflix Has Finally Announced a Spring Release Date for 'Workin' Moms' Season 4

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Every new parent gets that one show that totally captures what they're going through: When my daughter was born, it was Catastrophe, but for new moms today, the show of the moment is Workin' Moms on Netflix — and with good reason. The sleep deprived desperately need a sitcom that accurately portrays all those early-parenthood struggles! Thanks to Workin' Moms, there's something to watch during those middle-of-the-night feedings.

Netflix has graciously gifted us three seasons of Workin' Moms, but parents are hungry for a fourth. The good news? It's on the way. Here's what we know about it so far.

The show airs in Canada first.

Did the ladies of Workin' Moms have a parental leave period that seems a little different, maybe longer, than yours? That's because the show is actually Canadian, and airs on the CBC first. In fact, the show premiered in Canada way back in 2017. It didn't come to Netflix in the U.S. until January 2019!

The good news about the lag is that it meant that Netflix was able to air the first three seasons of the show pretty quickly. The first batch of episodes was released last January, then season 2 followed in July, and the last season finally came out at the end of August. However, the bad news is that we're almost all caught up here in the United States, and now we have to wait until each new season airs in Canada before it can come to the U.S. via Netflix. The good news is that Season 4 already aired there in February 2020.

Workin' Moms Season 4 will debut on Netflix U.S. on May 6.

It was a long wait, and a huge lag for fans who are envious of our neighbors to the north who are already finished with the new season, but Netflix has finally announced that Season 4 of Workin' Moms will arrive on May 6.

So that amounted to an 11-week lag, which is typical for a Netflix import. As a test case, for instance, the British crime show Peaky Blinders — which has almost nothing in common with Workin' Moms except that it's another Netflix series created in another country — started airing its most recent season on the BBC on August 25, 2019 but the series made its way to Netflix U.S. on October 5, 2019, which was an eight-week lag. Derry Girls, an Irish import, aired its most recent season overseas starting March 5, 2019, but it didn't appear on Netflix until August 2, 2019, which is more than 20 weeks. In retrospect, 11 weeks doesn't seem so bad.

Sadly, there's no news about a Season 5 — either from the CBC or Netflix. Let's hope they announce something before we finish the new episodes.

Your favorite ladies are returning for season 4.

When Workin' Moms finally does return for its fourth season, it's likely to be the same show you know and love. The actresses who play Anne (Dani Kind), Frankie (Juno Rinaldi), and Kate (series creator Catherine Reitman) are all involved.

A fan favorite is also back for more Workin' Moms: Katherine Barrell, who plays Alicia Rutherford, is also returning.

Bad news for Anne!

Expect more brutal honesty in season 4.

Reitman says that, when she developed the show — which is based on personal experience — she felt a calling to accurately portray a certain side of motherhood. She says the idea came to her when she was shooting a movie a few weeks after her son was born.

"I hang with a lot of improv comedy people," she told NPR. "So I'm on set with all these guys, and they start making fun of me for missing my first Mother's Day. They're teasing me. And in their defense, they were being very funny. But I was no longer the same person I was from six weeks prior to having that child. I couldn't take the joke."

She wound up crying in front of the other actors, and when she recounted the story to her husband that night, he suggested she do something with the experience. "And from there on, the show existed, and it became my responsibility to sort of tell, to maintain that honesty that I had in that scene where I break down in front of those guys," she told NPR.

In the interview Reitman admits that Kate and Anne are "aspirational" characters who are ambitious and very successful financially, so the details of their lives are not 100% relatable to every mom.

But, while there have been no plot details or spoilers announced for season 4, at least we know that the spirit of the show will maintain the kind of honesty that made moms everywhere say, "That's me!" when the first three seasons came out.

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