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Fantasy Baseball Pickups - Cole Irvin worth an add

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Yahoo Fantasy analyst Scott Pianowski offers a pair of players to pick up off waivers and potential trade target for fantasy managers.

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Scott Pianowski here. Going to give you some roster love for the middle of May. Let's start on the pitcher mound. Cole Irvin never really had anything going in Philadelphia, but he has found himself in Oakland.

Got a walk to strike out rate of almost six, which is outstanding. I know he doesn't have jaw dropping stuff, but he's really found his change up this year. And that's how a lefty can get right handed batters out.

It's a big park. It's a good defense. It's a very technical schedule. Cole Irvin's roster note half of the Ivy Leagues. Like to see that number bump up in the 70s or so.

He's basically opens left handed version of Chris Bassitt. He'll be played but most of the season. Look, I know Detroit has the worst offense in the American League, but it can still give us fantasy value.

We've given some Robbie Grossman love in recent editions. Let's go for Niko Goodrum. He is a regular in this lineup. He started 22 of 24 games.

And one of those Swiss army knives for Yahoo fantasy. he qualifies at first. He qualifies at second. He qualifies at shortstop. You can even play Niko Goodrum in the outfield.

The averaging isn't so great, but he's got four homers, five stolen bases and category [INAUDIBLE] will play in any 5 by 5 format. Detroit likes to run. It's one of the things the offensive can actually do.

They have 17 stolen bases in their first 20 attempts. Niko Goodrum approved for medium and deeper leagues. If you're in the trading league, I think it's a good time to kick the tires on Kyle Tucker. Average barely over 200, but he's got a good walk to strikeout rate.

According to Stat Cast data, he should probably hit-- be hitting in the 280s. End of the season, he may have 25 to 30 home runs. He'll have double digit stolen bases. He'll be insulated by what I think is a deep Houston lineup.

So what you do is you go to the Tucker manager and say, hey, you got some pretty good outfielders. Don't mention Tucker by name. Let him mention Tucker. See if the batting average is fooling him. It's a perfect time to get in on a player who I think is going to be a top 20 outfielder by the end of the year.