Fantasy Faceoff Week 10 - Tua Tagovailoa vs. Derek Carr

FFL Flash Alert - Tua Tagovailoa or Derek Carr: which QB is the better play in Week 10?

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: We're gonna start with a pair of quarterbacks. Tank likes Derek Carr this week. I'm gonna go with a rookie. Tank, tell us why you like Carr.

TANK WILLIAMS: I mean, I like Carr, but I really like Tua too. We hopped on social media the other day, and I was trying to hype Tua up over some other cats. But, I mean, we got a larger sample size with Derek Carr. He's thrown 16 touchdowns. Tua's only thrown three.

He plays better at home. He's playing in a matchup where he should get pushed. Because Drew Lock plays like trash and then all of a sudden throws three touchdowns at the end of the game. So I expect Derek Carr to do what he does.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I get it with Derek Carr. He's a pretty bankable 230, 240 yards and a couple of touchdowns. But how fun is Tua? First of all, he showed a little rushing upside. Looked great on the ground last week in a fun game. 20 for 28, a couple of touchdowns.

This is gonna be a shootout matchup against the Chargers this week. That Chargers defense just kind of a middle-of-the-pack defense. We know he's gonna need to throw in this one, so I'm pretty excited for Tua here. Slight lean for me over Derek Carr.