Fantasy Faceoff Week 11 - Chris Godwin vs. Will Fuller

FFL Flash Alert - Chris Godwin or Will Fuller: which WR is the better play in Week 11?

Video Transcript

- We've got Chris Godwin versus Will Fuller. I'll kick it off with Chris Godwin here. You know, all three of these Bucks receivers are playing a lot, but over the last two weeks, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, 37.5 routes per game-- obviously, that is tied for the team lead.

Godwin, of course, too runs most of his routes from the slot. 29 routes per game from the interior. I think that's key in this match-up because if Jalen Ramsey is going to trail one of these guys in Tampa Bay, I think it's either going to be Mike Evans or Antonio Brown.

Brown is the, like, highest perimeter percentage receiver on this team. So Brown actually has a pretty good shot at getting trailed by Ramsey, too, because he's playing well. So I would go with Chris Godwin in this match-up because I expect it to be high scoring. But Andy, I love Will Fuller, you love Will Fuller. Tell me why he's a better play this week.

Yeah, I don't have anything bad to say, necessarily, about Godwin. I think he's a strong play here. Will Fuller's just the guy who's already scored six times this season. He has four different 100-yard performances. He's facing a New England defense that-- OK, they've got Gilmore back, that's going to matter. No question, that's going to matter. But on the season, they've allowed 8.6 yards per pass attempt, so this has not been a stay away defense at all. And I think Fuller sees plenty of volume.