Fantasy Faceoff Week 11 - Ryan Tannehill vs. Alex Smith

Ryan Tannehill or Alex Smith: which QB is the better play in Week 11?

Video Transcript

- All right, let's do our a little fantasy face-off here where we debate some similarly ranked players. We've got quarterbacks and wide receivers here with me and the great Andy Behrens. Andy, we're going real exciting here at the quarterback position with your guy Alex Smith up against Ryan Tannehill for me. I don't even know what I'm really thinking on this one. But I'm sure while you're talking about Alex Smith, I'll come up with a good reason why I'm picking Ryan Tannehill. So take it away.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, here's two guys that I would bench for say Taysom Hill in a heartbeat.


ANDY BEHRENS: At least my guy, coming off a couple of games in which he-- empty yardage performances, right, in which he's thrown for 300 yards? My guy gets to throw to Terry McLaurin, which I feel pretty good about. He also gets all those cheap yards from JD McKissic from Antonio Gibson, right? So I feel like that's in play. He's also facing Cincinnati, a team that ranks 29th in pass defense VOA.

- Yeah, now, when you can hype up a guy coming off his lowest scoring game of the season, you gotta do it. And that's what I'mma do with Ryan Tannehill here. But look, I actually think he has the safe floor. Despite last week, he's been a pretty safe play all year. So I think he's got the safe appeal that Alex Smith does as well.

But I actually think he kind of has a sneakier ceiling this week than we're giving him credit for. Because Jared's brother, Calais Campbell, is out this week, Brandon Williams also gonna miss this game. We know Tennessee is one of the most run-heavy teams on early downs. So if they're moving the ball with Derrick Henry, that's more touchdown potential for Ryan Tannehill. So I think that's a key to this game.