Fantasy FaceOff Week 5 - Trey Lance vs Daniel Jones

Which QB will play better in Week 5?

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: All right Tank, it is you and me this week. And we're talking about a pair of quarterbacks. I, you know what, I'm going to let you go first. You tell me why Daniel Jones, how dare you say he's giving Eli face, what an insult to King Hot Daddy. I think we call him Daddy these days, versus Trey Lance in his first start.

TANK WILLIAMS: Like, so I already told you, the reason why you should have played Daniel Jones. Like Cowboys give up the sixth most fantasy points, the QBs, in that he has three 20-point outings. Like, I'm telling you why you shouldn't play Lance. Because Lizzie is in her feelings.

Like, we already know that she's emotionally attached to Eli Manning. I think he has a hall pass in the family, and so she's always had it out for DJ, since he's taking over the starting quarterback role. And now I agree, like I used to give DJ all kind of flack, like prior years. But now he's actually balling, like he's actually like a top 10 fantasy quarterback.

On the other hand, we have Trey Lance who has no [INAUDIBLE], who goes to the second best Tight End University in the nation. And also he has, besides Deebo Samuel, some guy who doesn't even have his name anymore to throw to.

And so you're going to put that rookie quarterback against a defense that already shut down Ryan Tannehill. And already shut down Matt, my man, Stafford, in the offense that they thought was the best one in the NFC after going against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And you really expect this rookie to outplay DJ? Oh please do tell Lizzie? Make that logic.

LIZ LOZA: I do. Because who do I who do I trust more. Kyle Shanahan in a divisional match-up with a quarterback that he drafted third overall, that kind of capital. Or Jason Garrett in a revenge game, where he can Jedi mind trick his own self. No thank you, give me Trey Lance.

I know that Arizona has been solid against the past, but they have allowed the seventh most rushing yards to opposing quarterbacks. 100 even, in fact, and what do we know about Trey Lance, he's got those wheels. And I agree that Kittle being out is not ideal, but maybe this is the moment that takes the field, and actually follows through in the end zone. So I do like Lance because of the mobility he is offering to be a top 12, 14 play this week for fantasy.

TANK WILLIAMS: You see me giving you the Eli face?

LIZ LOZA: I love the face.


I saw it, I saw it. I looked in the monitor, I saw the face. And you know what, I think we got to go out. And it's time for our final break here on Fantasy Football Live, because I need to compose myself. When we come back.

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