Fantasy Faceoff Week 7 - Brandin Cooks vs. Mike Williams

FFL Flash Alert - Brandin Cooks or Mike Williams: which WR is the better play in Week 7?

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Let's move into the players that we're really interested in here-- the wide receivers. We've got a couple of vertical threats here. I'm going to get started with Brandin Cooks in this one.

Look, there is no way I'm going to tell you to shy away from this Packers-Texans match-up. The Texans have allowed over 900 total yards the last two weeks alone. That defense is the worst.

But at the same time, Deshaun Watson is absolutely cooking. Brandin Cooks-- over 200 yards combined the last two games and he leads the team in routes run. Look, if you've got a Packers or Texans player, you probably want to find a way to get them into your lineup this week. But Tank, hit me with Mike Williams hero-- another player that I actually really like this week too.

TANK WILLIAMS: Well, first off, he's my cousin. Secondly, he came back and dunked on the Saints 5 for 109 and 2 TDs before they went on their bye last week. Third, he's my cousin. And now he's gone against that Jacksonville defense that gives up the 12th most points to fantasy wide receivers.

And lastly, dude is my cousin, and they're going to ball out against the Jags. They're already talking about benching Minshew. You already know it's going to get ugly today.