Fantasy Football Trade Deadline Advice | The Two-Minute Drill

In this week's edition of the Two-Minute Drill, Yahoo Sports’ Andy Behrens offers fantasy managers some trade tips as the deadline rapidly approaches.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: I'm Andy Behrens. This is the "Two-Minute Drill." Let's start the clock.


One thing we may have neglected to mention about fantasy football is that it gets late pretty early in this game. We are already in week 11, which means, among other things, that the trade deadline is here-- like, really here-- in your league. It's happening on Saturday. Yep, the Yahoo default trade deadline is November 19. So after this week, you lose one of the most important avenues to actually improving your team. It's just gone. After Saturday, it's just you and the waiver wire.

- I can make things out of clay and lay by the bay. I just may.

ANDY BEHRENS: Half the fun of this stupid game is making trades, folks. So let's start dealing. I actually might take a vacation day on Friday just to focus on fantasy trades. If you've never burned vacation time for such a purpose, I don't think you can really call yourself a hardcore fantasy player. That's just my opinion.

- I am in the Kapua suite.

ANDY BEHRENS: Here, ahead of the season's biggest deadline, are three pieces of advice that I always like to give people just to keep in mind ahead of the only period in which you're allowed to make deals the rest of the season. First of all, we're deep in the year now. So the general idea, at this point, is to build the best possible starting lineup.

- If you build it, he will come.

ANDY BEHRENS: As we get deeper in the year, roster depth means less and less. In a few weeks, the byes are going to be over. You're not going to care about your bench. So this is the time to make that two-for-one deal or the three-for-two deal. Also, it's OK to take a small loss in a trade if you can improve your starting roster. We're way past the point in the season in which you only cared about acquiring talent and winning trades, yada yada. That's out the window. Right now, we're trading from areas of surplus to address weaknesses, period.


ANDY BEHRENS: Finally, don't be the person who offers trades and then cancels them immediately a few minutes later. It's rude. It's spam. It's just-- it's very bad form. You got to leave a trade [INAUDIBLE] for, like, I don't know, six hours, something like that. It's just common courtesy.

- Congratulations on a great attempt at a chat and cut.

ANDY BEHRENS: One more bonus tip that only applies to a few of you. Don't waste your time making trade offers to Dalton Del Don. He's just going to sit on them for days. Won't accept. Won't reject. He's paralyzed by fear.


Don't do it. Waste of your time.