Fantasy Freebies Week 15 - Jeff Wilson

FFL Flash Alert - Andy Behrens explains why the 49ers RB deserves a spot in your starting lineup.

Video Transcript

- Well, as soon as we head to a break, I'm actually going to plug this guy into a lineup in place of Zeke Elliott. That's great information.

I'm going to go with Jeff Wilson. Jeff Wilson gets to face the Dallas Cowboys, and there's no better match up for a running back. Dallas on the season allowing 5.1 yards per carry, over 160 rushing yards per game.

I know that he's not at the top of the backfield hierarchy for San Francisco. That's Raheem Mostert. But we know that the Niners just want to run the ball all day. And, over his last three games, with Mostert in the mix, Jeff Wilson has seen 33 touches. So, I have to imagine he's going to see 10 to 12 touches in this one. And against Dallas, that can equate to 65 or seven yards and a touchdown.