This fantasy getaway is straight out of a fairytale

The Olalla Forest Retreat features beautiful story book cottages with a modern twist

Video Transcript

LIZ GRECO: Hi. My name is Liz Greco, and welcome to our home, Olalla Forest Retreat.


We are located in Olalla Washington, which is in Kitsap County, right across from the Puget Sound from Seattle, Washington. We are on five acres. We have a natural running creek that goes through the property as well as a man-built pond and even a little moat as you walk on to the house.

The original owners that started building, from what we understand, in the mid-'70s. And it finally was completed in the early '80s. And we have slowly converted it as our family home into a beautiful rental retreat that people can come to.

So when you enter this home, you'll immediately be able to recognize that it was built as an original storybook home. We've got original cedar beams that the original builder put in, huge windows, stained glass throughout the house, beautiful views out onto five acres of the property. Everything about this house is just completely magical. We love it here.

And then walking back through the rock wall, you go into our foyer again. We have one space that leads out into a massive patio that we'll show you later. So we've got a nice full-sized kitchen, fully furnished.

Everything about this is so fun to be in because it's super artistic, and it was really creatively built. Moving through from the kitchen, we have this amazing staircase that goes up. So up here, you'll find the bedroom. We have a queen sized bed, windows, again, that look out to the front of the property. This room is so nice and cozy at night and bright and airy all day long.

And then through this amazing door is our bathroom. This is, hands down, my favorite space in the entire house. We've got a swan back, claw foot tub, a really unique window here as well. It gives you privacy but lots of light. Everybody's dream bathroom.


We have a really neat outdoor kitchen area. Whether you're staying in the main home or in our additional suite, this is a fantastic place to prepare a meal, hang out and enjoy the outdoors, or just get to interact with other guests, if you choose to. We also offer a six to eight-person jetted hot tub. Washington nights, summer or winter, get pretty chilly. So this is a great attribute. Lights up. Double jets. Amazing.

So moving on to our next suite, as you can see, the main portion of the home is what we just showed you. And then around the other side, you have a private entrance to a completely closed off in private short-term rental suite. It's a one-room studio suite that has access to the back patio.

So once you enter this suite, the first thing you notice is this incredible ceiling. It's got a very cave-like feel, but it's also really bright and airy. Amazing fireplace that was built by hand. Absolutely love this space. We have a beautiful queen sized bed.

And then through this unique archway, you have a full attached bath. Really cool cottage-style, built in vanity and again, a window that looks out to bring in tons of natural light.

A law of Forest Retreat is definitely a place where everyone that comes to it just feels magic as soon as you come onto the property. We hear guests all of the time, when they get out of their car, sound like children. Lots of, no way. So people can really kind of just unplug a little bit and reconnect with whatever they need to reconnect with, be it nature or just chilling out for a little while.


Thank you so much for coming and checking out Olalla Forest Retreat, and we hope that this is an amazing place that you'd love to come visit soon.