Fantasy MMO 'ArcheAge' to make location-based mobile debut

Sprawling MMO 'ArcheAge' (pictured) is expected to lead to location-based AR game 'ArcheAge Walk.'

We've had "Pokémon" and "Harry Potter" translated into location-based, Augmented Reality mobile games, while "Minecraft" is currently in testing; enormous South Korean MMO "ArcheAge" is getting in on the perambulatory action through "ArcheAge Walk."

As a massively multiplayer online game that, as well as skirmishes, quests, and battles, emphasizes immersion by constructing settlements and vehicles and establishing trade routes across the game's world, "ArcheAge" appears well-suited to life as a location-based mobile experience.

At least, that's what original developer XLGAMES and internet giant Kakao Games are anticipating, having partnered up with Kakao's Life MMO Corp studio to make "ArcheAge Walk," according to specialist site MMO Culture.

The mobile game has been announced for Korea with a 2020 launch in mind.

It would follow "Pokémon Go" and "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" from Google spin-off Niantic, both of which use Google Maps and GPS location technology so that players can find imaginary creatures and venues superimposed on top of real-world surroundings.

Microsoft is preparing "Minecraft Earth" for general release, pivoting its generation-defining social construction game to work as an Augmented Reality experience.

Designed by the developer behind hugely popular Korean MMO "Lineage," "ArcheAge" debuted in 2013 on Windows PCs with international editions launching over the next two years via regional publishing partners.

Its open-world, player-driven aspects were especially well-received, helping it stand out among a sea of fantasy MMOs.

Now containing five years' worth of updates, the free-to-play "ArcheAge" is generating a premium edition, "ArcheAge: Unchained," which unlocks all previous content; North American and European publisher Gamigo is offering the paid-for "ArcheAge: Unchained" from October 15.

A mobile version of the PC original, "ArcheAge Begins," has been available since 2017.