Fantasy QBs to stream over Lamar Jackson in Week 8

Kate Magdziuk of BallBlast Football joins Yahoo fantasy expert Matt Harmon to discuss fantasy options to consider in place of the Baltimore Ravens quarterback

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Kate, do you have any [INAUDIBLE] kind of like low end quarterback streamers that you would play over Lamar Jackson this week?

KATE MADGZIUK: Is-- like, can we still consider Justin Herbert a streamer? I don't even know if that's--

MATT HARMON: Oh, Herbert's on-- Herbert's on the board. He is--


MATT HARMON: This is a pro-Herbert-- this is a pro-Herbert space here. We can be as excited as we want about Justin Herbert. I think that's a good call.

KATE MADGZIUK: I love Justin. And you know what? I think Justin Herbert, right now, has shown us just as much upside as Lamar Jackson has this year. So I love Justin Herbert.

The kid is not fazed by literally anything. He just is always ready to roll. So I think he's just going to be a weekly start, but I, at this point, yeah, I'd absolutely start him over Lamar Jackson.

Some streamers. Jimmy G versus Seattle. Can we talk about that? The beauty of the fact that, you know, you've got Jimmy G going up against Seattle. They have no run game.

They don't have a solid plan on the ground right now. It's going to have to go through Jimmy G. Brandon Aiyuk I think is going to be poised for a big game just because, at least for fantasy, they're going to have to throw. I think there's going to be lots of volume there.