Far Right Matt Gaetz Invites 'Julios' And 'Jamals' To Join MAGA Movement

Photo: Kent Nishimura (Getty Images)
Photo: Kent Nishimura (Getty Images)
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Matt Gaetz—a far-right Republican with a history of racist commentary—once again disparaged people of color in a recent Newsmax appearance. In an interview Wednesday with host Carl Higbie, he stated that “for every ‘Karen’ we lose, there is a ‘Julio’ and a ‘Jamal’ ready to sign up for the MAGA movement.”

Gaetz, who has supported “Great Replacement Theory” and called the Anti-Defamation League racist, didn’t stop there. “That bodes well for our ability to be more diverse and to be more durable as we head into not only the rest of the primary contests but also the general election,” he continued.

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In the past he has stated that he was “proud of the work we did on Jan. 6 to make legitimate arguments about election integrity...And we’re actually going to go walk the grounds that patriotic Americans walked from the White House to the Capitol who had no intent of breaking the law or doing violence.”

Gaetz’s latest stunt is a way to keep the focus on him having shock value instead of what a vile human being he is. Luckily, the public knows how to recognize both.

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