Fareway plans more development for Gray's Lake area

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A Midwest Quality Wholesale store is being planned at a site near Gray's Lake, Fareway spokesperson Emily Toribio told Axios Monday.

  • MQW is a subsidiary of Fareway, which has offered to buy five vacant city-owned lots near the 2500 block of Sunset Road for the project.

Why it matters: It's another sign that development in that near-downtown area is heating up.

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Details: Fareway would pay $133,200 for the lots, according to city documents.

  • A building that's at least 13,320 square feet would be constructed there within six years.

Of note: MQW is a distributor of cleaning chemicals, supplies and other products. It's unlikely to have the volume of traffic that's typical of a grocery store.

What's next: A public hearing on the sale of city land is scheduled for Nov. 1.

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