Farm Fresh: The Week’s Most Popular Home Is a Cool Converted Barn

Erik Gunther

When we examine trends for the coming year, we remain bullish on the “barndominium.” Barn structures converted into plush living spaces have bubbled up over the past couple of years—thanks in no small part to the continued influence of HGTV. We bore witness to the popularity of a well-done conversion after a few of the barns plowed their way to the top of the most popular homes on®.

This week serves as yet another reminder of the continuing popularity of these converted living spaces. A five-bedroom barn in Illinois harvested more interest than any other piece of property over the past week. The exterior—a hulking green building sitting on 5 acres in the center of the state—is not much to look at.

However, on the inside, it looks like a new five-bedroom home with soaring ceilings, spacious bedrooms, and a modern kitchen. There’s also plenty of storage space for whatever project a new owner wants to tackle—after all, it is a barn! We’ll be shocked if more and more barns don’t bounce onto our radar over the coming year.

Stepping away from the barn door, you also clicked on a fabulous Mid-Century Modern flip in Phoenix, a cheap fixer-upper in Kansas City, and a cool old home in one of New Orleans’ most happening hoods. And, of course, we noted the requisite interest in pure opulence with a couple of massive estates in L.A.

For the full list of this week’s most popular properties, simply scroll down.

10. 302 Baylor Dr, Tyler, TX

Price: $209,000
Why it’s here: This home lands just above the median price for Tyler ($195,000), but that doesn’t mean this place isn’t a sweet deal. The remodeled three-bedroom home features gorgeous wood floors in the kitchen and a welcoming open floor plan. All for only $115 a square foot. Sign us up!

Tyler, TX


9. 5150 Ontario Center Rd, Walworth, NY

Price: $274,900
Why it’s here: In the far northern reaches of New York, this 6-acre property comes with a cedar home. Measuring 2,200 square feet, the three-bedroom house could use a decor refresh, but it’s a sweet deal for a buyer looking for space to spread out.

Walworth, NY


8. 594 S Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $200,000,000
Why it’s here: The country’s most expensive home still fascinates fans of real estate. As for us? We’re most fascinated by the tanning room in this massive mansion.

Los Angeles, CA


7. 1015 Webster St, New Orleans, LA

Price: $1,050,000
Why it’s here: Listing agent Margaret Maxwell told us this million-dollar home is priced toward the lower end of the market in “one of the most sought-after areas of New Orleans.” Maxwell said most buyers want to live in the Uptown area, and this century-old home is in the “best area of Uptown.” Given the listing price, the agent expects a big turnout at this weekend’s open house.

New Orleans, LA


6. 9800 E Gage Rd, Firth, NE

Price: $424,900
Why it’s here: It’s a log cabin! Well, scratch that—this five-bedroom structure is a log home. For buyers in need of a rustic retreat, this custom-built home offers more wood than a small forest. And sitting on 10 acres of land, it’s ideal for a buyer looking to escape the big city.

Firth, NE


5. 630 Nimes Rd, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $85,000,000
Why it’s here: Last week’s most popular home slid four spots on our chart. Known as La Belvedere, it was built by developer and supermodel progenitor Mohamed Hadid.

Los Angeles, CA


4. 5707 Paseo Blvd, Kansas City, MO

Price: $100,000
Why it’s here: This week’s finest fixer-upper presents an interesting opportunity for a buyer in need of a project for 2017. The bathrooms aren’t done, and the place is being sold as is. But at only $29 per square foot, it’s primed for a quick flip by a savvy investor.

Kansas City, MO


3. 4012 N 18th Dr, Phoenix, AZ

Price: $299,900
Why it’s here: This Mid-Century Modern is under contract, according to listing agent Tom Bryant. He told us the MCM style is “really hot” in the Phoenix area right now, and everyone who’s walked through the home has loved the gorgeous interior renovations. Sold just last May for $186,000, the home is a fantastic flip thanks to the completely redone kitchen, bathrooms, and floors, Bryant said.

Phoenix, AZ


2. 24363 State Road 213 N, Noblesville, IN

Price: $1,999,000
Why it’s here: We’re in love with the man cave in this custom-built home. The exterior architecture reads a bit like a castle, and we figure the king of this place would reign in the dark-paneled recreation rooms featuring a full bar, fireplace, and pool table.

Noblesville, IN


1. 17901 Unsicker Rd, Groveland, IL

Price: $375,000
Why it’s here: It’s yet another barndominum! This simple structure may be a bit blah on the outside, but it’s been converted into a five-bedroom home with an open floor plan and a gargantuan great room. For buyers who desire a structure with a signature style, this barn building is a perfect fit.

Groveland, IL

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