Farmers Feast raises $12K for God's Pantry

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Sep. 7—Food insecurity is a problem for thousands of Kentuckians and London residents took a huge step toward ensuring that families in need receive the help they need.

The mood was festive at Farmers Market last week as the Farmers Feast took place. Ticket holders enjoyed a "farmers feast" of sausage, cabbage, potatoes, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes that had been cooked over an open fire in new 30-gallon garbage cans, then served in large troughs where those in attendance used serving tongs to load their plates. Lemonade and sweet tea were the drink offerings while a variety of desserts were available to those wishing to top off the meal with a sweet touch.

Tables were lined with friends and acquaintances — all purchasing their tickets to assist in the fundraising for God's Pantry Food Bank.

The evening was highlighted with a cake auction that pit several people in a bidding war for a selection of pies, cakes and other desserts. The desserts were walked through the crowd for viewing while the auctioneer brought out roars of laughter as he called out the prices and enticed audience members to bid higher.

And bid they did — ranging from $30 and up, with the highest bid of $3,000 coming for a chocolate cake in a glass covered pedestal stand.

But whatever the going price, those attending knew that well balanced meals and delicious desserts are not always the situation for many Kentuckians. So they bid high and bid wholeheartedly to assist those less fortunate in order to supplement their nutritional needs through local food banks. The ticket sales, donations and cake auction brought in approximately $12,000, according to the Laurel County Extension Office.

The Farmers Feast, sponsored by the Laurel County Extension Office of the University of Kentucky Agricultural Department, is a tradition for London and Laurel County and utilizes local farmers involved in the Kentucky Proud program to raise the food for the event each year.