Farmers in Italy grow the largest cherry ever recorded

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This cherry’s at the top.

Two Italian farmers have set a new world record with a cherry that they grew, weighing in at 33 grams. (1.16oz)

The cherry was grown in the town of Pecetto, Torinese, a short distance from Turin, by Alberto and Giuseppe Rosso. The family has been growing cherries in the town known for its cherry farms, for over 100 years.

“For some years now we have noticed that our carmen cherries are Guinness world records in size and this year we decided to do things right and called a panel of experts,” Alberto said to la Repubblica.

The new record breaks the previous one set in February of this year by a farmer from Ferrara, Italy, whose cherry weighed in at 26.45 grams, according to The Guardian.

Considering the poor weather conditions that have led to one out of four cherries being lost, the Italian farmer’s group Coldiretti are pleased with Italy remaining the European Union’s primary cherry producer.

“In spite of the bad year, Italy remains the main producer in the European Union, with almost 30,000 hectares cultivated, situated in Puglia, followed by Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto e Lazio,” the Coldiretti group said.

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