Farmingdale Gets Snow Day In Superintendent's Heartfelt Message

Michael DeSantis

FARMINGDALE, NY — Students and parents, break out the sleighs and hot cocoa! Farmingdale schools will be closed Thursday due to the snowstorm hitting Long Island, Superintendent Paul Defendini announced Wednesday.

"Let me be clear tomorrow is not a virtual learning day but instead a real old-fashioned snow day," Defendini told the community via robocall. "Do whatever it is that you and your family do on a snow day. Dust off the winter gear and have a snowball fight, be with family, make a snowman, let the kids wake up late, pour some hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blanket, watch a good movie, bake cookies, light up the fireplace, play a board game. Do whatever it is that you and your kids would normally do on a snow day. Don’t you dare even think about school or this seemingly unending and insanely frustrating virus. Go have fun and do what people do when it snows. These little moments may just give us the balance that we need to get to the other side of this pandemic
with some of our sanity still intact. A reminder of the little things that it can’t take from us."

Farmingdale has proven these past several months that the community is up to any challenge that awaits it, Defendini said. He noted when informing the community of the snow day, it was "hard to explain in words how excited" he was to share good news rather than another update on the coronavirus.

"We are a bit beaten and we are a bit battered but we are still here, relentless in commitment to serve kids," he said. "That counts for something in my book. I am proud of what we have
accomplished and in quiet moments, when I really take the time to think about things, I am more
proud today than at any other time in my life to call myself a Daler. Be safe Farmingdale and
let’s continue to take care of each other in the time yet to come."

This article originally appeared on the Farmingdale Patch