Farmworkers get vaccine at California mobile clinic

Farmworkers in California lined up for coronavirus vaccinations at a mobile clinic on Wednesday. Organizers hope the clinic will be a model for outreach to a community that's been hit hard by COVID-19. (March 3)

Video Transcript

DIANA TELLEFSON TORRES: Farm workers often don't have their own vehicles, so they're traveling long distance together with farm workers, who might not be in their household, who are in different households. So they're interacting and in a confined space in a vehicle. In addition, in many areas around the country, for instance, here, in the Salinas Valley, you'll see that there are different families that are living together. Because, often, they can't afford to have their own household.

Many farm workers are undocumented. They have limited digital literacy, so going on a website to go and register it for an appointment is often a huge challenge. Many farm workers are the ones who are nourishing this nation, so we have both a moral obligation and just a practical obligation to ensure that farm workers are receiving a vital vaccine to protect us as they nourish this country.

MONICA GONZALEZ: I'm so happy. I can stay with my family now, because I'm not staying with my family. I don't see my family from almost, like, two months, so I have my granddaughter. And I'm so happy, because I want to see, this Sunday, my granddaughter. So I'm so happy. I'm feeling so good.