Fashion Designer Chicago Playground Accused Of Taking Payments For Clothes Through Cash App And Never Sending Them

A Chicago fashion designer’s Instagram pages have more than 20,000 followers – even images of celebrities wearing jackets they claim to have designed.

Video Transcript

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- His Instagram pages have more than 20,000 followers, and even features images of celebrities wearing jackets that he claims to have designed.

- But several customers say a Chicago fashion designer took their money, and never got them the clothes they bought. Now they're telling morning insider, Tim McNicholas, they want some answers.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: It was supposed to be a Christmas gift from Nyasa Henry to her sister, Africa Brown.

NYASA HENRY: My sister, Africa, had been following him for a few years prior. And the jacket was kind of expensive, so I, kind of, saved up for this particular year.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: Kind of expensive as in $400, which Henry sent via CashApp in early November 2020. The payment recipient? An Instagram-savvy fashion designer who works under the name Chicago Playground. Henry and Brown say it all seemed legit because Chicago Playground boasts online of their supposed celebrity connections, and didn't appear to have any negative Instagram comments.

NYASA HENRY: He's hawkin' these pages to where, if you say anything negative, it's like you're you deleted so fast. It's just the runaround. I've recently sent another message to him, as of two or three days ago, and still nothing.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: Chicago Playground has an F-rating with the Better Business Bureau because of strikingly similar complaints over the past year and a half.

- He did some jackets for some celebrities.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: An out-of-state cheerleading group took to YouTube in late 2019, saying they paid a Chicago Playground more than $2,100 for jackets they never got.

- Chicago Playground, he played us for 12 varsity jackets, and we want our money back.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: We tried emails, Instagram messages, and phone calls over the past week, But Chicago Playground hasn't got back to us. They did block one of our producers, though. Brown says they blocked one of her pages, too.

AFRICA BROWN: But I just really want people to know the truth, that's my biggest thing to know. And if you make-- you just have an informed choice to make, if you decide to deal with this guy.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: They've given up on the jacket, now they just want a refund. Tim McNicholas, CBS 2 News.

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