Fashion portrait of Henrik Vibskov: 'I really like when people dress ridiculously'

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In honor of Paris men's fashion week (January 21-25), Relaxnews caught up with Henrik Vibskov, who will showcase his Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection on Friday, January 23. The Danish fashion designer shed light on his inspirations through a portrait in six questions.

Relaxnews: If you were a fashion faux pas, which one would you be?
Henrik Vibskov: I really like when people dress ridiculously. I think sometimes it is important for mankind and the ego of the mind to act stupid or look ugly - just to have more balance in life.

R: If you were a supermodel wearing your designs?
HV: Difficult one - I'm not so much into who is who, but depends on the individual persons and identity. For the show, we have an Indonesian woman modelling that I met and asked her personally about walking the show in Paris. She is called Faempel, pretty cool girl.

R: If you were a fashion memory?
HV: I like when people really try to manifest that they don't care what they wear. Most people have a relation to a uniform and an everyday piece or functional jacket that make them feel secure, comfortable or relaxed.

R: If you were a key year/period in fashion history?
HV: Winter I like the most, also the period where you need the most clothing because of the temperature. And clothing makes sense.

R: If you were a place related to fashion?
HV: I like museums that reflect the history of mankind combined with clothing - it tells a wider story, about who why how.

R: If you were a piece from the new collection?
HV: I like our knitwear, both the deformed deconstructed pieces and also the printed knitwear program. We also made a printed down duvet jacket that can be zipped up in many different ways to form different silhouettes.