Fashion portrait of MELINDAGLOSS: 'It all started on a taxi ride to the Bund'

Rémi de Laquintane and Mathieu de Ménonville of MELINDAGLOSS, photographed by François Rotger.

In honor of Paris men's fashion week (January 21-25), Relaxnews caught up with Rémi de Laquintane and Mathieu de Ménonville, the designers behind MELINDAGLOSS, who will showcase their Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection on Friday, January 23. The French designers shed light on their inspirations through a portrait in six questions.

If you were a fashion faux pas, which one would you be?
Wearing loafers without socks in the mountains.

If you were a supermodel wearing your designs?
André Malraux and Pier Paolo Pasolini, people who don't need to get all worked up to be part of revolutions.

If you were a fashion memory?
The night in Shanghai when we decided to found MELINDAGLOSS. It all started on a taxi ride to the Bund.

If you were a key year/period in fashion history?
Tomorrow. Fashion is constantly reinterpreting culture, but it is always based in tomorrow. It's movement that interests us.

If you were a place related to fashion?

If you were a piece from the new collection?
Our first footwear line.