Fashion portrait of Rynshu: 'A fashion faux pas? Wearing multiple luxury brands at once'

Japanese designer Rynshu will present his latest menswear collection in Paris on January 25.

In honor of Paris men's fashion week (January 21-25), Relaxnews caught up with Rynshu, who will showcase his Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection on Sunday, January 25. The Japanese designer shed light on his inspirations through a portrait in six questions.

If you were a fashion faux pas, which one would you be?
Someone who wears multiple luxury brands at once. In Japan we call these people "Chindon ya." The word usually refers to the traditional street musicians who play to promote certain products or shops. It is also used in a satirical sense.

If you were a supermodel wearing your designs?
Mr. Aaron Walton, who is also CEO of the American company Walton Isaacson. He has participated in several of my runway shows.

If you were a fashion memory?
The New York City Ballet gala of October 1999, which was held at Essex House in New York. The event was organized by Caroline H. Newhouse, and I was seated next to her. All the dancers were dressed in black and in Masatomo (the former name of the label Rynshu).

If you were a key year/period in fashion history?
The 50s.

If you were a place related to fashion?
It would actually be three places: Tokyo's Minami-Aoyama neighborhood, Paris and Los Angeles.

If you were a piece from the new collection?
The first piece and all of the finale with the Little Grey and Albert Einstein prints.