Fashion-star inspiration to change your hair this summer

Eager to sail into uncharted waters? Summer is a time for new looks that you would never dare try at other times of the year. And the season is well and truly in full swing for our favorite fashion icons who have been posting snaps of their new hair on social networks. From Emily Ratajkowski to Britney Spears: here are some of the cuts and styles on the radar for the coming months.

Time to go blonde
Before even thinking about the length that suits you best, now might be the time to book an appointment with a colorist. Although it might not be easy for brunettes to accept, blonde will be the color for the coming season. Golden, ash, Californian... There is a tint for every taste... or almost because platinum will not be in this year. Ideally you should be aiming for a color that is as natural as possible, like those chosen by Emily Ratajkowski, Millie Bobby Brown and Kylie Jenner, who have all taken the plunge with blonde, much to the delight of their followers on social networks. So now is the time to head out to your hair salon. And remember, who dares wins. 

Bangs are forever
After so many terrified DIY cuts during the lockdown, it may come as a surprise, but bangs will be back this summer to offer that little je ne sais quoi that makes all of the difference. Britney Spears did not flinch when she opted to cut hers to get back that good-girl late-1990s and early-noughties look. And it suits her so well. Short and angular bangs are out, the idea is a fringe that falls to just above your eyes with a variety of lengths for a ruly-unruly effect.

Cut it all... or almost
In the fall of 2019, Monica Bellucci blazed a trail with a short bob that caught everyone's attention. The trend has been going strong ever since and is not about to wane this summer, which is something of a blessing when you consider that long hair and hot weather are not always the best of friends. So why not cut it all and opt for a short bob. Taylor Hill recently took a pair of shears to her long mane for the style, which accentuates her fine features and steady gaze. There is a lot to be said for this refreshing choice that will bring energy and dynamism to your look for the season.