The Fast Break | Feb. 25

Check out all the action from Thursday.

Video Transcript

BEAU ESTES: Six games of hoops on a Thursday night. I'm Beau Estes with your "Fast Break" from It was the Philadelphia 76ers taking down the Dallas Mavericks, 111 to 97. Joel Embiid going for 23 points in the victory.

The Brooklyn Nets just cruising over the Magic, 129 to 92. The All-Star Kyrie Irving had 27 points in the Brooklyn victory.

And the New York Knicks hammered the Sacramento Kings, 140 to 121. The All-Star Julius Randle goes for 21 points, 14 rebounds, and four assists for New York in that victory.

In other action, it was the Bucks over the Pelicans, 129 to 125. The Grizzlies downed the Clippers, 122 to 94. And it was the Washington Wizards over the Denver Nuggets, 112 to 110. And that'll do it for your "Fast Break" from