Fast food chain to test new meatless patty in Sacramento. Here’s where you can find it

Burger King is offering a new special patty to an exclusive number of cities across the United States — and Sacramento is one of them.

The burger chain announced that it is testing out a smaller version of its Impossible patty in Minneapolis and Sacramento starting Feb. 15, spokeswoman Dominique Wiggins said.

“As with all tests, the decision on whether to expand to more markets will be made after understanding guest feedback, product performance and operations implications,” Burger King representatives said in an emailed statement.

The new, smaller Impossible patties, produced by Impossible Foods and made from plants, will be available for customers to swap out on any food options that have a Whopper Jr. Beef patty, including the cheeseburger, Whopper Jr., Rodeo Burger and more, Wiggins said.

This option will only be offered for a limited time. While prices can vary based on the location, Burger King representatives said customers can expect about a 50-cent additional charge.

Where can I find the new patty in Sacramento?

Here’s a list of Burger King locations in Sacramento that will have this offer available:

  • 4960 Auburn Blvd.

  • 1915 Arden Way

  • 3601 Bradshaw Rd.

  • 2714 El Centro Rd.

  • 5610 Freeport Blvd.

  • 5150 Stockton Blvd.

  • 7218 Stockton Blvd.

  • 7225 Greenhaven Dr.

  • 5550 S Watt Ave.

  • 8501 Gerber Rd.

  • 8338 Power Inn Rd.

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