Fast-Growing Oak Fire Burns in Southern California

The quickly growing Oak Fire in Mariposa County, California, covered 5,712 acres shortly before midnight on July 22, forcing local residents to evacuate.

Aerial footage recorded by FIRIS shows a large patch of flames engulfing an area near Midpines and Darrah in Mariposa County.

Cal Fire said the incident started at 2:10 pm on Friday afternoon. By 10:30 pm the fire covered 4,350 acres with 0% containment, growing by almost 1,500 acres to reach 5,712 acres by 11:45 pm.

The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office issued evacuation orders and road closures for several roads in the area shortly after the fire began on Friday afternoon.

Local media reported that at least one structure had been destroyed in the fire, but no casualties were recorded. Credit: FIRIS via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Intel 12, continuing on Oak, resuming at [? Silver ?] Road, numerous structures in the immediate vicinity, continuing across the head.

And the road in the radical is [? Dara ?] Road. Coming into Pinecrest Drive. And the spot fire from the first video is roughly 2/3 of a mile off the fire's edge, end recording.