Fast moving storm to bring light rain to Bay Area

WEEKEND PLANS? Light rain will begin falling throughout the Bay Area Friday night before the sunny weather works its way in, says ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco.

Video Transcript

MIKE NICCO: I'm ABC7 News Meteorologist, Mike Nicco. I want to give you a quick update on tonight's rain. Yeah, we've got one more storm coming through. It's a 1 on the storm-impact scale. A quick burst of some showers, less than 15 hundredths of an inch of rain. And it'll become breezy once that finally passes.

Here we are, if you're thinking about going out this evening, dining outside, or just grabbing something to go. It is going to be dry, but look at this, by 10:00 AM Lake and Mendocino County, valley rain and mountain snow. And by 3 o'clock, it's already pushing through the South Bay-- that's how fast this storm is going to be moving through.

You can see a few showers still left over in Northern Sonoma, Napa, Lake and, Mendocino Counties as we head into the morning hours. But even after 7 o'clock, those start to fade away. And look at all of that sunshine tomorrow afternoon, and into the evening hours we're going to be pretty much cloud-free.

So, as far as our rainfall amounts go, you can see, not a lot-- but it'll still be kind of slick when you wake up first thing tomorrow morning. And then quick-drying, thanks to the faster sunshine and the breezy conditions that move in. Once this passes, how about some 60s sunshine, and calmer weather for Sunday.