Fat Joe Defends Teacher Criticized For Being Too Curvy: 'Let Her Be Great'

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Fat Joe is speaking up for a kindergarten teacher who is allegedly facing criticism from parents because her shapely figure is too much for them to handle.

“They’re trying to fire her because she too sexy,” Fat Joe said when he posted a video on social media. “She too beautiful. She’s too curvaceous.”

The rapper said he remembers his own teacher who was extremely beautiful and “a special one.”

“I say let the woman be great,” Fat Joe said. “Can you fire somebody for their looks? Can you fire a teacher that’s ugly? How can you fire a teacher because she bad?”

The teacher has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram and uses her platform to talk passionately about her students and job.

“A teacher’s job is to teach. What people don’t know is the real life impact we have on children. I speak from a place of being the student that needed that extra love and extra understanding,” she said in an Instagram post. “We are the parents away from home. We are the therapist, the caregivers, the additional love, the outlet. We are so many things.”


The educator went live on social media to address the controversy. She said some mothers have supported her amid the backlash.

“It’s so scary and mind-boggling to me that this is a thing,” she said in a clip posted to YouTube. “First I thought it was funny. I was like reposting everything. But not right now because it’s getting to me a little bit.”

While thanking her supporters, the educator also described herself as a phenomenal teacher.

“I’m a really, really good teacher,” she said. “I had students emailing me during the summer asking me for homework. I’m a good teacher. They love art. I love teaching art. I love working with children to create art.”