Fatal shooting in Bushwick precedes shooting of NYPD officer

The incident happened just a few minutes before an NYPD officer was shot and wounded a few blocks away in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Video Transcript

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah, Derek, we're here along Bush-- or excuse me, along Broadway and Bushwick, we are just south of Madison, and I want to show you where this all started. You see these evidence markers that are here at Madison and Broadway, that is where that car started. Apparently, a man walking up, shooting into that car, and the car then eventually hitting this white van before it crashed over here into this elevated subway beam.

Now, there's dramatic video that we have from overnight of one of the men being pulled from this SUV and put into an ambulance. This happened at 11:11 last night, when someone ran up to that SUV and began shooting. There were three people inside. One person was not struck.

Another was hit by bullets. And a third-- taken to the hospital. We know that a third man, who was in the back seat of that vehicle, he was killed. And police were looking for the suspect in the shooting when one of their officers was shot.

DERMOT SHEA: Due to the proximity of these two scenes and the short distance away, it is an extremely active investigation with multiple assets on the scene to narrow down and draw conclusions where we can if these two incidents are related. There is a multitude of things that we have to take a look at, evidence recovered, ballistics, lab work to do, but that is certainly a possibility that we're looking at.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah, and back here along Broadway and Madison, you can see this car is still here. You still have investigators that are gathering evidence at this moment. So, Broadway is shut down for several blocks along this roadway here near Madison. Now, police are saying that all of the suspects involved, they are gang members known to them. That they have opened gun possession cases where they are waiting to face the judge at the end of summer.

There is a delay because of the pandemic. They are asking for judges to get these suspects in their court sooner rather than later. Now, for a look of what's going on from above, we go to John Del Giorno. He is in NewsCopter 7. John.

JOHN DEL GIORNO: Hi, Candace, good morning. You heard the police department talking about how active these crime scenes are, and here you can see the scene of that first shooting with the car into the pillar on Broadway, underneath the elevated subway tracks. And right here, you see detective working, placing evidence markers. That investigation is very active. Let's pull this back and give you a sense of place here.

Madison Street and Broadway, that is the scene of that first shooting. You should know, if you live in the area, this is right underneath the J Train, and just a few blocks down from the Gates Avenue J-- J Train Station. Right now, service on that J Train not being affected. So, that's good news.

Now, we're going to tilt you down Howard Avenue and take you to the scene where that NYPD officer was shot. Another investigation scene that is ongoing and very active. You heard the police department say they've got numerous assets down on the ground. While the investigations are ongoing, if you have to travel through this area, think of that Gates Avenue Station in the neighborhood around it. The streets just to the south and southeast of it, those streets likely to be closed while both of these investigations are ongoing.