Fatalities confirmed in downed helicopters and airplanes in Russia’s Bryansk Oblast

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Helicopter crash near Bryansk
Helicopter crash near Bryansk

"According to our information, not a single crew member of the four aircraft that crashed today in Bryansk Oblast survived," the message says.

The Telegram channel also published a video from the crash site of the second Russian Mi-8.

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According to the Russian propaganda agency Baza, a total of nine people died as a result of the crash of Mi-8 helicopters and Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft in Bryansk Oblast.

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The media outlet specifies that all three crew members were killed in the town of Klintsy when the Mi-8 helicopter crashed. In the Unetsky district, three more crew members of a combat vehicle were killed in the crash of a second Mi-8 helicopter.

Also, according to them, two pilots of a Su-34 fighter-bomber were killed in the village of Nizhniaya. A Su-35 fighter pilot was killed in the village of Suretsky Muravey.

On May 13, several helicopters and airplanes of the Russian Armed Forces crashed in Russia's Bryansk Oblast. According to media reports and pro-Kremlin military officials, two Mi-8 helicopters and two Russian planes were shot down. At least four pilots were killed.

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The Russian Federation has introduced amber alert in Bryansk Oblast. Russian regime enforcers are looking for "saboteurs" who may be involved in the downing of Russian equipment.

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