Father charged on three counts of aggravated sexual assault

Darrian Kingsley remains in the Harris County Jail. Thankfully, investigators were able to rescue the children involved from further abuse.

Video Transcript

- Yes, your honor. The state is requesting a $100,000 bond for each of the seven offenses. The state is against pretrial release, based upon the facts and circumstances. In this-- in the indecency with a child charge, the complainant is the biological daughter of the defendant, AK. And she was about 12 years old at the time of the event.

In the aggravated sexual assault charges and the sexual performance charges, the complainant is DK, who is the 6-year-old son of the defendant. We're requesting a [INAUDIBLE] in the aggravated sexual assault charge ending in-- or the case number 171-0707 and in 171-0706.

Your honor, we're also requesting bond condition-- that the defendant being ordered to surrender any and all passports, visas, or other travel documents and be prohibited from obtaining or applying for any new or supplemental passport, visa, or travel document. We're requesting that the defendant have no contact with AK or DK, Anyone in the complainants household, including, siblings, parents, either in person or through any other person, telephonically, by mail, or any other means for the duration of this case.

We're requesting no firearms or weapons, random drug urinalysis, no drugs or alcohol, electronic monitoring. We're requesting a curfew for the defendant from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. We're requesting the defendant not to have any contact with any minor child under the age of 17 for any reason except specifically permitted by the court.

We're requesting that the defendant not reside, go in, or within 1,000 feet of the premises where children commonly gather, including but not limited to schools, daycare facilities, except at specifically permitted by the court. The state is also requesting the defendant not to supervise or participate in any activity or program that includes participants or recipients of 17 years of age or younger for any reason, except as specifically permitted by the court.

The state is also requesting that the defendant to be forbidden from possessing or accepting any of the following-- any computer or cell phone with the ability to access the internet, number two, the internet, and number three, pornography of any kind. We would like to emphasize that the allegations are horrendous with regard to the acts that the defendant performed on the complainant-- on the complainants, as well as the acts that he made the complainants perform on him. He also went so far as to record some of the-- some of these acts. And that's all from the sate.

- All right, thank you, Miss Greene. Miss [? Cartaville ?] on behalf of Mr. Kingsley, please.

- Yes, your honor. Mr. Kingsley is a 40-year-old Army veteran who served our country and was honorably discharged from the Marines. He appears to be physically disabled-- 70% physically disabled. He does have yet, the ability to drive himself back to court.

I believe he can also get a ride with someone else. He does not appear to have any prior failures to appear according to the PSA. In spite of the allegations, he does not have the new violent criminal activity flag. He is also the lowest possible risk on the-- on the scales, including the criminal activity scale and the failure to appear scales.

He did not have any charges pending at the time of the offense, nor any misdemeanor or violent or felony conviction, and no [INAUDIBLE] incarceration. I believe that the extensive [INAUDIBLE] conditions requested by the state would be appropriate conditions to ensure that the client appears in court and is not a risk to the complainant or any other potential complainant in the community. His children, the alleged complainants in these cases currently do not live with him. They actually live out of state. I believe that curfew with GPS and all the other conditions would be sufficient to ensure their safety.

At this time, based on his financial situation since he is currently reliant upon VA disability benefits to meet his financial needs and obligations, we are requesting the bond to be set as follows. The indecency charge has already been set by-- set at the system at $10,000. We are requesting that that remain the same in light of the financial obligations that he will need to amass in order to post bail on the remaining charges that are on docket.

For the aggravated sexual assault of a child charged under the age of 14, we are requesting that the bonds be set at $30,000 in each charge. And for the sexual performance charge, we're requesting-- charges, we are requesting $20,000 in each charge. I do believe that the client may be indigent. But I will defer to the court on that finding.

- Thank you, Miss [? Cartaville. ?] All right. On the.