Father of Colorado Springs shooting suspect more concerned about son being gay than a mass killer

Aaron Brink, a former MMA fighter and porn star, has spoken for the first time about his son being charged with Colorado Springs mass shooting  (CBS8)

The father of Colorado Springs shooting suspect Anderson Aldrich says his first reaction to being informed of the attack at Club Q was to question why his son was at an LGBTQ bar.

Aaron Brink, a former porn actor and MMA fighter, told CBS8 his family were Mormon, adding: “We don’t do gay.”

Mr Brink, 48, told the news site that he had believed until six months ago that his son had committed suicide.

He claimed his ex-wife Laura Voepel called him in 2016 to say that his son, who was born Nicholas Brink, had changed his name and killed himself.

“His mother told me he changed his name because I was in Intervention and I had been a porno actor,” Mr Brink told CBS8.