Police ID father killed in triple shooting, 6-year-old son critical but stable

Philadelphia police have identified the father killed in a triple shooting that also critically injured his 6-year-old son and another man.

Video Transcript

MATT O'DONNELL: Philadelphia's overwhelming gun violence problem led to another family tragedy. This time, a father was killed and his young son was wounded in a triple shooting. Action News Reporter Corey Davis is live at police headquarters with the department's response to this latest homicide. Good Morning, Corey.

COREY DAVIS: Hey Matt, good morning. So the police commissioner was out there and just a week ago, the commissioner was announcing that there were so many kids of rising, kids who were becoming victims to gun violence. And she's fed up with it as well as people in the community who are saying that they are living within the gunfire and just don't know what to do.

- It's a shame. I hate to see these young kids getting killed like this or shot or maimed. It's sad.

- Every day, something like what do we-- say, when is it going to end? That's what it is. That's what comes to mind. What it's going to do--

COREY DAVIS: And police say the six-year-old boy was riding inside the car with his father and another man. The car was struck by bullets at least 12 times, and we're told all three of them were shot. This happened near the intersection of 53rd and Baltimore Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia around 7:30 last night. Officers on patrol discovered the first victim who was a man in his early 30s we're being told that he flagged them down after getting out of the car, and told officers he had been shot.

Police believe the boy's father was driving. They say he sped away and made it a couple of blocks to 55th in Baltimore before losing control and crashing into several parked cars. He was in his late 20s, lost his life and now his six-year-old son is recovering without his father. Investigators are telling us that the boy underwent surgery and he is expected to survive but to fight for his life isn't over as he continues this path to recovery.

The commissioner is also saying that along with a lack of guidance according to neighbors, there are a number of other driving factors with this rise in gun violence, including poverty, lack of resources. But the commissioner has been pushing for harsher federal charges as well. We now live here at police headquarters. Corey Davis Channel 6 Action News.

MATT O'DONNELL: Thank you, Corey.