Father of missing boater continues search for son along Lake Michigan shoreline

After nearly a week of searching, authorities have not been able to locate the body of 20-year old Kelvin Soto Crespo.

Video Transcript

- A grief stricken Benjamin Soto walks this Northwest Indiana shoreline hoping to find his son who went missing after a boat he was on capsized in Lake Michigan near the East Chicago Marina.

BENJAMIN SOTO: I'm just asking for help to the people to help me find my boy.

- After nearly a week of searching, authorities have not been able to locate the body of 20-year-old Kelvin Soto Crespo.

BENJAMIN SOTO: He liked to laugh, made jokes. He be a hard-working boy.

- His father rushed to the Chicago area from Tampa where he lives, after the May 1st accident, hoping to take his youngest son back to his native Puerto Rico, where his mother still resides, to be buried.

EVELYN HERNANDEZ: This can happen to anyone, and I just want to make sure that we think about this family that's in need right now.

- The missing man's family has created a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses. Crespo and three others were on an 18-foot boat when it capsized last Saturday afternoon. His dad says Kelvin can't swim and did have a life jacket.

DAVE BENJAMIN: He had one with him, but it was-- it didn't stay on.

- The boaters who survived are recovering. Their boat was found adrift and brought back to shore. Now, as the search continues so does the investigation into what caused the boat to capsize in the first place. Meanwhile, Kelvin's family is asking anyone who notices anything associated with the accident along the shoreline to contact authorities. Relatives say Kelvin moved to the city last year, and was making a career at FedEx. His loss has been devastating.

BENJAMIN SOTO: It's very hard and I ask the people to keep praying for me, for my family.