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Father, Son Killed In Queens House Fire

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Police say a 6-year-old boy and his 65-year-old father both died in a fire that ravaged their home. The boy’s twin brother and mother survived. CBS2's John Dias reports.

Video Transcript

- Also a tragedy in Queens, a six-year-old boy and his father killed in a house fire overnight. Police say the boy's twin brother and mother were able to escape. CBS 2's John Dias has more now from Flushing.

JOHN DIAS: A tragic scene in Flushing, Queens, Monday, a house fire destroying more than just a home, but a family.

- It's sad, because these are my neighbors. You know, I care about them.

- Something so close to home, it's always so painful.

JOHN DIAS: Police say, just after 1 o'clock this morning, a fast-moving fire ripped through 4554 157th Street, killing a 65-year-old father and his six-year-old son. Police say the boy's twin survived, but suffered severe burns. Neighbors found him outside, quickly calling 911. The boy's mother was also able to escape, in complete anguish all morning.

- I can't sit down. I just keep pacing and crying.

JOHN DIAS: Virginia Walsh lives next door, and watched the boys grow up.

- It's heart-wrenching, it really is. They were very active. They were always-- they would try to help you shovel your snow. They weren't doing a great job, but they were in there always trying to help.

JOHN DIAS: The family lived on the first floor of the multi-family home, where video shows the flames shooting out of, the fire seen from blocks away.

- I saw the smoke and the sparks going up into the sky.

JOHN DIAS: More than eight hours after, a tree in the backyard, now charred, was still smoking as the family that lives on the top floor exchanged hugs while salvaging what they could. Thankful, but emotional, they were able to escape unharmed.

- Suddenly I come down, too much smoke, I cannot see the way.

JOHN DIAS: And still no word on what caused the fire. We're told that two firefighters suffered minor injuries. They're being treated at the hospital. From Flushing, Queens, John Dias, CBS 2 News.