Father Of Teen Killed In Fort Worth Murder-Suicide Says He Sought To Reconnect With Son

The father of a teenager killed in a domestic murder-suicide in North Texas says he didn't believe the news at first.

Video Transcript

- That updates to share tonight out of Fort Worth. The father of a boy killed in an apparent murder suicide told us today that he didn't believe the news at first. He told our Jason Allen it is something that you only think happens to other people.

- As police were still investigating the shooting deaths of a mother and son Tuesday, Wallace Akins received a Facebook message from an old family connection offering condolences for his loss even when he went to read news reports, he wasn't certain what had happened.

- But then when the name came up, that's when it really, really hit me. His son Titus Akins on his 17th birthday and ex-wife Holly Beverly were killed in their apartment. The shooter also dead. Has still not been officially identified by the medical examiner or police.

- I really didn't know how to feel because this happens to other and if it doesn't happen to you, it only happens to other individuals.

- Akins does not have insight to what may have prompted the murder admitting he hadn't been a part of his children's life for several years. Just a few weeks ago though, he felt a strong need to reconnect and reached out to their mother.

- I wanted to reach out to see how they were doing and what they were doing. And if because it's that certain age now.

- That won't happen now with his son and he said he realizes now time doesn't wait.

- That the anger go, you control that anger. And reconnection will be wonderful.

- In Fort Worth Jason Allen, CBS 11 News.