Fauci is sick and tired of 'dark web people' harassing his family

Fauci is sick and tired of 'dark web people' harassing his family
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Dr. Anthony Fauci is sick and tired of the "dark web people" harassing his family, according to comments the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases makes in a new documentary.

"These f***ing dark web people are really, really getting bad," he said in the National Geographic documentary streaming on Disney+.

The film is titled Fauci and offers a look into the doctor's life as he navigated responsibilities, family, and harassment during the pandemic years.


"I mean, they're really, really harassing Chris," Fauci said in reference to his wife, Christine Grady, a nurse and head of the department of bioethics at the National Institutes of Health.

In the summer of 2020, Fauci and his entire family had personal security assigned after QAnon followers threatened their safety, according to the film.

"One of them called up with violent threats like eight times today on [Chris's] cellphone until she figured, 'I gotta just change my cellphone,'" Fauci said.

The doctor had never experienced such a severe level of harassment and threats, he said.

One of the most frightening moments for the doctor came when he opened a letter in August 2020 and was greeted with "a puff of powder," he said.

"It was on my shirt, my tie, my pants, my hands, and my chin," Fauci said. "The first thing I thought of was 'Holy s***, why did I open up this letter?'"

"The options started to crystallize in my mind: One, it's a hoax. Two, it's anthrax, and I'm going to get sick, but I'm going to take cipro[floxacin], and I'm gonna be OK. Or, three, it's ricin, and I'm freaking dead," he said.

Fortunately, it was the first option, he said.

Fauci understands many people see him as "the bad guy," according to the film.

"I represent something that is uncomfortable for them — it's called the truth," he said.

While he is confident the pandemic will end, he said he does not feel it will come from collective action born from national unity, Fauci said.


"I think we're going to get through it, but we're going to get [through it] in spite of this divisiveness and this politicization," he said.

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