After Faye Swetlik’s tragic death, her teacher posted this heartfelt tribute online

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Four days after 6-year-old Faye Swetlik was abducted and killed in February 2020, Springdale Elementary teacher Morgen Sightler wrote an emotional tribute to her former student. The tribute that came to be seen as an expression of the feelings of many people at the time. It was and is the paragon of a connection between a teacher and child.

The tribute was shared thousands of times over social media. The State reported on it in 2020.

“These past 4 days have been an experience no parent, teacher or child should ever have to face,” Sightler said. “I can’t help but think of all of the wonderful memories we had together in these 7 short months.

“I will miss your morning hugs, your bright eyed smile, you skipping down the hall ready for anything and everything, the excitement you had when I told you to kiss your brain, your curiosity, your kindness, your stories, but most of all... your ability to love unconditionally.

“On Monday I remember you telling me, Mrs. Tynes and Mrs. Prosser all about your new purple dress from Target and how it was just the right size for you.

“I pray you are dancing, skipping, and loving on everybody in that purple, size 7/8 dress right now in Heaven. I pray for your peace. I pray for all of us to spread your love at school and just cherish the memories we had with you.

“It will be different in the world without you Faye, a lot different. No teacher is ever prepared for that empty spot in the room. We pray to feel that joy again that we had on Monday. Please give me, Mrs. Tynes and Mrs. Prosser the strength to be that comfort for our students. ‘We miss you Faye, more than anything and it is okay to be sad.’

“Faye, you taught us more than we could ever teach you and we are so thankful for that. Rest In Peace sweet angel.”