Fayetteville tests commuter scooter

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There may be even more electric scooter traffic soon on Fayetteville's section of the Razorback Regional Greenway.

What's happening: E-scooter service provider Veo hosted free test rides on its new Cosmo seated e-scooter for three hours on Saturday and will again from 4–6pm Tuesday.

  • Anyone 16 or older can try them at the intersection of Dickson Street and the Razorback Greenway.

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Why it matters: Micromobility programs like e-scooters and bike shares have the potential to reduce car trips, traffic, parking needs and carbon emissions.

  • Fayetteville has a fleet of about 500 scooters divided between two vendors, and each scooter averages one ride per day.

Yes, but: Standup scooters aren't totally practical for commuting and can be both scary and dangerous to riders who don't have savvy scooter skills.

Details: The seated scooter has a more stable ride and is more familiar to anyone who's ever ridden a bike.

  • A Veo spokesperson tells Axios that in other markets, the seated scooters are used for much longer rentals than the standup versions. This leads the company to believe they're being used more often for commuting than for quick trips or sightseeing.

What to watch: Veo is collecting survey information from anyone who takes a test ride.

  • The company will use the data to work with the city's Sustainability and Resilience department to determine if the seated scooters are an option for Fayetteville and the size of a potential fleet.

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