FB FRIDAY: Player Profile, Steven Davis, North Schuylkill

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Sep. 23—Name: Steven Davis Jr.

Age: 18

Nickname: Stew

Twitter handle: @StevenDavisJr3

Parents' names: Steven and Jessica Davis

Hometown: Frackville

High school: North Schuylkill Jr./Sr. High School

Years played: 10

Positions you play: Offensive line/Defensive end

Jersey number: 50

Other sports you play: Track and field

Favorite college team: Michigan State

Who wins national championship?: Ohio State

Favorite NFL team: None

Who wins Super Bowl?: Buffalo Bills

Favorite NFL player of all-time: Sean Taylor

Favorite school subject: Math

Heads or Tails?: Tails

Favorite sports movie: The Blind Side

Favorite color: Green

Favorite junk food: Ice cream

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite drill in practice: 1 on 1

What jersey do you like better, home or road?: Road

Best place to play other than home: Lehighton

Favorite stadium food and where: Walking taco from North Schuylkill

Favorite place for wings and best flavor: Black Diamond, Frackville, Black Diamond house sauce

Playstation or X-box?: Playstation

What are your goals for this season?: To win states, leave my legacy

Under Name, Image and Likeness ... If you could be the spokesperson for one product, what would it be and why?: Powerade, because I drink a lot of it

When you aren't playing or practicing sports, what is your go-to activity? Why?: Hanging out with my girlfriend, because she's my No. 1 supporter and she wants me to succeed.

What specific thing did you work on personally during the offseason?: My strength and quickness

Best high school football memory: Beating Jim Thorpe 40-7 in last year's District 11 finals