FBI agent carjacked near Capitol Hill as incidents spike in Washington DC

An off-duty FBI agent became the latest victim of the growing number of carjackings in Washington, DC.

The incident took place at around 3.45pm on Wednesday near Capitol Hill. The car, property of the FBI’s Washington field office, was recovered about 15 minutes later near the Lincoln Park area.

The FBI agent, who has not been identified, was not harmed during the ordeal.

Law enforcement told NBC Washington that no arrests have been made as of yet.

The Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI have launched an investigation into the carjacking incident. The description of the two suspected carjackers has not been released to the public.

Data released by the Metropolitan Police Department suggests that the number of carjackings in DC has spiked alarmingly in 2023.

More than 900 incidents have been reported, with weapons being used in 77 per cent of those. Earlier this week, a man was trailed from DC to Maryland by individuals who then attempted to steal his Porsche when he arrived in Bethesda.

FBI agent carjacked in Washington DC (NBC)
FBI agent carjacked in Washington DC (NBC)

The suspects couldn’t start the sports car because they reportedly didn’t know how to drive its manual gears and then proceeded to leave the scene. The car the alleged carjackers used during the incident is also believed to have been reported stolen in DC earlier on Sunday.

In October, Democratic Rep Henry Cuellar was also carjacked at gunpoint in DC. The Texas congressman was confronted by the three armed suspects.

The group allegedly held a gun to his head, reported Axios, before making off with the congressman’s car, phone, iPad and sushi dinner.